Growth and never-ending learning is one of my biggest values. From studying photography in Prague and Berlin, to specializing in film studies in Yosemite, I believe there's always more to learn.

I began my journey in photography at the age of 12, upon winning first place in a nation-wide photography competition on the subject of biodiversity with my dad's old point-and-shoot. By age 15, I was photographing weddings, families, and everything in between. However, becoming an artist was put on hold while focusing on my university studies in anthropology.

My love of photography never faded, as I transferred my full time job into a career in photography while graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Biological Anthropology and special focus on human rights.

My passion for photography has brought me everywhere from the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the islands of British Columbia. Currently, our home is nestled in the rolling mountains of the Smokies, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

My empathetic wedding photography documents the feelings and love of the day so that my couples can relive each memory through timeless imagery.

photographer & romantic

I'm Jillian


To feel the moments in the room, and to capture them like a fly on the wall

A Peaceful Presence

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One comment that I always get from clients? That they love the authentic style of my work.

I love ethereal photographs filled with light and true colors. From portraits captured in glowing light, to the black and white artistic blur of candid moments, I strive to capture photographs that you can feel.

The most cherished memories often aren't "perfect" snapshots or staged photos, rather photographs documented with intuition and purpose. That is my superpower. 

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xo, Jillian

We believe that life's biggest and smallest moments are worth celebrating. You'll always find a bottle of champagne in our fridge in the event that the night deserves a bit of celebrating!

Fueling Our Souls

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isn't always better. We're big fans of spending the afternoon sifting through antique shops and secondhand stores for timeless pieces with secret stories. Our favorite find? A vintage pair of Jimmy's!

Fueling Our Souls

Something Vintage

One of my top values is serving my clients with love and intention. While planning our own wedding, I was surprised to feel like another name on a calendar. I vow to make sure you never feel like you aren't valued or heard.

In my world and in my business, there is no such thing as caring too much, and there's definitely nothing wrong with being dedicated to my couples. 

Sensitivity and compassion isn't something to shy away from. Head to the Services page to learn more about how my experiences can benefit you.

Dedication to serving couples...

my "why"

Combined with a life's worth of empathy

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