xo, Jillian

Hello and thank you for your interest in working together! If you're looking for photography that showcases how special        &          loved ones are through artistic and intentional photography, you're in the right place. No two weddings or couples are the same, that's why capturing your day in a documentary & candid way that you can feel in each photograph is so important. 

My couples find that the most important thing to them is that the style of their photographs stands the test of time. When working together, you can trust that you chose a photographer that values timelessness and authenticity just as much as you do. 




working together

Personally, my favorite photographs are often the imperfect ones. What do you envision when thinking of your wedding gallery? We'll be a great fit if you're thinking of a good balance of organic candid moments  mixed in with the posed, documentary "fly on the wall" style of photographing, and your day photographed as it truly was- with the magic captured in the little in between moments & your story being told within each frame 

Areas that we might not be a good fit are if you have a really specific shot list in mind for the day, more posed photograph over natural, quantity of photos over quality, a photographer that aimes to create the moment rather than find it and feel it out organically, or if you aren't a big fan of black and white images.

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you dream of for your wedding photography! Everyone deserves to have photographs they absolutely love, and if that means you have something else in mind, I might also be able to refer other photographers that fit more of your specific needs. 

"A unique artistic talent for photography that makes her stand out from the rest."

"Once I saw the final images, I literally had tears in my eyes..."

"Absolutely stunned by the photos she captured, and will cherish them for a lifetime."


about Jillian

My approach as a photographer & artist is one of sitting back and photographing every moment and feeling as it's happening, because these moments deserve to be felt fully & authentically.

This method, combined with subtle direction when needed, allows your day to be photographed with timeless artistry.